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Why Choose Us

Oz-Tac is the Project Solution Specialist in the Steel Fabrication Industry in South East Queensland

We work on large projects for the likes of Saw Mills, Construction Companies, The Defence Force, Rock Mining Companies, Transport Companies, Drilling Companies, Civil Construction Firms, Oil & Gas Companies and Agricultural Companies too.

Oz-Tac Engineering’s Values & Mission

  • To focus on building and growing an engineering company that displays and retains trust.
  • To commit to building and delivering competency and expertise in the supply of products and services to our varied target markets.
  • To ensure that all staff are knowledgeable and skilled in our systems and procedures to deliver products and services that are of quality, are safe, completed on time, to budget and installed faultlessly every time and with step by step documentation to support the process.
  • To ensure our relationship with our customers is harmonious and seamless, with open communication lines.
  • To ensure all projects are tracked by a thorough job management system that will record job progress, variables and manages resources, skills and project timelines.
  • To provide ongoing support throughout a project delivered by our senior management and project management team.