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At Oz-Tac we specialise in designing and building equipment that is ready to install and commission, which means less downtime for our clients that means you have a cost saving as we design specifically to your facility.

At Oztac we are specialists in designing, installing and maintaining automated plant in particular where PLC systems are in place. With years of experience in the timber industry designing automated machinery and automating older machinery this has given us a broad knowledge of what can be achieved with automation on machinery and what is capable and beneficial for our customers.

One of the Turnkey projects we continue to supply labour hire to is the Parkside Timber Mill. Ty Horne one of our founders and the owner of the Mill collaboratively designed the new PLC Automated sorting system. Ty and the Oz-Tac team commissioned the project and have helped to manage the integration into the Mills daily practices. The result of this innovation is that the mill is now more efficient than ever and as a result this is attracting more customers to them. Read more about the Parkside Timber Mill project here

If you have a major project coming up and you want an engineering company that can customise, innovate, invent whilst upholding their commitment to quality, compliance and safety then call us at Oz-Tac Engineering today on 07 5482 7080.