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Parkside Group Sawmilling Case Study

ClientParkside Group Sawmilling
ProjectsDesign, Manufacturing, Installation & Commissioning Services for an automated sorting system.
Data Collected09 Feb 2017

Delivering an already quality product in a smarter, quicker and more efficient way

Oz-Tac Engineering has met and exceeded all the expectations that the Parkside Group envisaged when their CEO John McNamara teamed up with Ty Horne, Oz-Tac Engineering’s Director and Project Manager who specializes in automated plant. Ty along with his team of engineers and draftsmen designed an innovative new concept for the automated system to package their products.

“I have known Ty for quite a while, he (Ty) and I designed the system to better package our products and it has been very well received in the marketplace. It has been an excellent (ROI) Return on Investment”

This innovative automated system has been a successful team effort from the start, with Wondai Dry Mill (where this genius system has been installed) benefitting from Oz-Tac Engineering’s technical abilities and problem solving. This project is by no means small, with the overall project cost approximately $1.8 million and Oz-Tac Engineering’s portion of this project the majority of that amount.

John especially was impressed with the availability and straight and frank communication style Oz-Tac Engineering displays with its clients “Communication between us has been available 24/7”
Designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning of a system like this one is not only costly, but time consuming and a huge risk, but Parkside Group Sawmilling are more than happy with the outcome and Oz-Tac Engineering’s way of doing business. Now Parkside can better showcase their products, get a far greater volume to market in record time and it is even attracting new customers.

The successful outcome of this project and the ongoing working relationship Oz-Tac Engineering has developed with Parkside Group Sawmilling is testament to Oz-Tac Engineering’s team work, attitude, ability and expertise.

Oz-Tac Engineering can work with you to turn your problem into a tailored solution.